Why Choose SmartCardia 7L Patch?

The first wearable 7-Lead ECG patch combined AI, with real-time monitoring of all your patients

ECG 7-Leads

Excellent accuracy in detecting cardiac arrhythmias, thanks to seven ECG leads – excellent P-wave, QRS beat morphology and ultra-low noise ECG.

SmartCardia's SaaS

SmartCardia’s SmartNeuralNet, a world-leading machine learning technology, powers the patch and cloud. Important cardiac arrhythmia events and patient deterioration are automatically detected, immediately notifying the clinicians. The platform is developed from millions of ECG segments annotated by cardiologists and certified cardiac technicians.

Live Monitoring

All 7 ECG leads are transmitted in near real-time to the cloud, along with the vitals measured for 7/14 days. The data is available in real time on secure cloud for immediate action by hospital staff and clinicians.

Switch 48h

Allows for remote transition from Holter to Extended Holter or Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, allowing for continuity of care and ease of use. You can start a patient on a holter service and switch remotely to a mobile cardiac telemetry after that, without patient revisit.

Full Disclosure

100% of the ECG data, not just events, is transmitted live, and the automated analysis is performed on the full-disclosure data. Full disclosure analysis allows for highly accurate arrhythmia detection. Easy navigation on the cloud allows the clinician to quickly view and analyze ECG.

Patient friendly

The cable-free skin friendly patch is shower/waterproof. A single patch can stay for 14 days.


All in one solution for your patients

Single patch serves different service types:

  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry and Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Holter
  • Extended Holter
  • Event Monitoring

The sensor is re-usable across patients and does not require charging.

For patiens

Clinician Controlled Full Disclosure Data and Dashboard

Get automatic analysis of full disclosure ECG and vitals, with one click, arrhythmia display. See not just ECG at events, but any time before and after as well.

Main device features and parameters

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Automated transmission and analysis of ECG with minimal manual intervention. Easy to navigate full ECG, beats and rhythms to generate beat level accurate reports. Proven to match manual cardiologist/technician analysis in clinical trials.

Enhanced Financial Efficiency

Re-usable electronic device with low cost disposable patch allows for enhanced financial efficiency in monitoring patients. Dramatically reduced time for analysis also reduces staff cost.

Enhanced Clinical Efficiency

7-lead, full ECG analysis allows for accurate arrhythmia diagnosis. Multiple vitals allows for diagnosis and prediction of patient deterioration.

Complete Spectrum of Patient Monitoring

Platform allows for cardiac screening to post-discharge monitoring to long term remote patient monitoring - all from the same device and cloud platform.

More than medical. Think about athletes.

To make the right decisions, clinicians need to be able to continuously monitor their patients’ vital signs. Current patient monitoring systems typically rely on bulky devices.

For Athletes

Best practices 2022 award by Frost & Sullivan

North American Over-the-air automotive management software enabling technology leadership award. By Frost & Sullivan.

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