Our mission is to advance health by making impactful medical innovations accessible for everyone in interventional cardiology, structural heart and cardiac rhythm management.


At FutureMedics AG, our mission is to redefine healthcare through advanced artificial intelligence solutions. We strive to increase patient comfort, enhance clinical outcomes, and reduce hospital costs by replacing outdated technologies with our innovative heart monitoring device. By providing real-time, accurate data, we aim to ensure early detection and intervention for heart-related conditions, thereby potentially saving lives. Our commitment extends to not only delivering best-in-class technology, but also fostering partnerships that prioritize the health and wellbeing of patients over mere sales objectives.


We envision becoming THE AI-driven company in the Benelux region, pioneering a healthcare revolution that alleviates the workload for patients, doctors, and hospital staff alike. Through the power of our innovative heart monitoring technology, we strive to improve clinical outcomes and patient experiences, making advanced medical solutions accessible and practical. Guided by our ethos of partnership and collaboration, we aim to go beyond traditional sales models and foster long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders, driving a future where technology and healthcare seamlessly intersect for the betterment of all.


Team FutureMedics


Astrid Verkaik

With over 30 years in the medical device business, Astrid has a wealth of experience in clinical and sales management, marketing and general management.

Before founding FutureMedics, Astrid has held international positions in several medical technology companies including Guidant/Abbott, Biotronik and Apica Cardiovascular Limited. From 2015 untill 2023 she was responsible for all Sales activities as well as the Optimize Pivotal trial in Europe for Svelte Medical Systems Inc.

Astrid also ran her own Distributor Company for several years.

Sven van Dun

Sven brings more than 30 years of experience in sales and country management across cardiovascular technology and device solutions.

Most recently, Sven was Country Manager for The Netherlands and Belgium at MicroPort CRM. Prior to MicroPort CRM, Sven held a leadership role at Elixir Medical and worked in several critical roles at St. Jude Medical primarily focused on interventional cardiology, cardiac rhythm and structural heart.